Guest students

Conditions of registration

Students registered and enrolled at a foreign university may be admitted to UNIL as guest students. Candidates must satisfy the following criteria:

- studies at UNIL must be in the same subject area and at the same level (Bachelor's or Master's) as those chosen in the home university;
- at the home university, candidates must already have successfully completed at least two semesters or acquired 60 ECTS credits for Bachelor's programmes and one semester or 30 ECTS credits for Master's programmes.

Registration is subject to the prior approval of the chosen Faculty or School. It is not necessary to pass the French exam. However, guest students who intend to pursue their studies at UNIL must satisfy registration conditions.

Conditions of stay

With the Faculty's approval, the guest student may sit examinations and obtain certificates. However UNIL does not award academic degrees to guest students.

The duration of the stay is limited to a maximum of two semesters, during which the guest student also pays enrolment fees.

A student who has already been enrolled at UNIL for two semesters as an exchange student is not allowed to prolong his/her inscription as a guest student, unless given a special authorisation by the Rectorate of UNIL.


Candidates must register online and provide the required documents within the specified deadline.

The method of transmitting the documents will be communicated to the candidate when registering online. Most of the documents mentioned above can be downloaded immediately but depending on the situation of the candidate some documents will have to be sent by post to the following address:

Université de Lausanne
Service des immatriculations et inscriptions
1015 Lausanne

Contents of the application for programmes at Bachelor level

Contents of the application for programmes at Master level
Candidates will be informed personally (by post) of the result of their application and of any necessary formalities required to complete their registration.
more details concerning the registration procedure



the French version of the registration conditions prevails