with a diploma of secondary education from a State who has ratified the Lisbon Recognition Convention

Content of applications for admission to a Bachelor's programme with a diploma of secondary education delivered in a State who has ratified the Lisbon Recognition Convention:

See the list of countries

- a passport format photograph

- a complete curriculum vitae up to date

- a copy of the diploma of upper secondary education (if obtained)

- copies of records of grades (transcripts) for the last three years of upper secondary education (if the last year is in progress, provide at least the grades of the first term/semester) and, if applicable, a copy of the final exam record of grades (transcript)

- in the case of university studies, a copy of the university diploma and diploma supplement, as well as copies of records of grades (transcripts) obtained in all university examinations (even if studies have not been fully completed)

- candidates transferring from another Swiss university or an HES/HEP must also provide a certificate of exmatriculation (at the latest the certificate must be provided before the start of the courses)

- If, in addition to the diploma of secondary school, a certificate of university admission is required, it must be provided by a recognised university of the country where the diploma of secondary school was granted and must concern a study place in the same orientation as that chosen at UNIL (see list of qualifications and requirements by country)

- a copy of the passport or identity card

- a proof of payment of the administrative fees (CHF 200.-)

- in addition to the copies in the original language, an authenticated translation of documents not issued in French, German, English or Italian

- for an inscription to part-time studies, the required documents.

If the diploma giving entitlement to registration is issued only during the summer preceding immediately the beginning of the academic year, the candidate uploads the other documents within the specified deadline, indicating the date on which the copy of the diploma giving access to UNIL will be sent to the Admissions Office.


the French version of the registration conditions prevails