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The strength of our program and caliber of our students is evidenced in our student placements in top institutions both in terms of post-doctoral and professorial appointments. 

Examples of top institutions: ESSEC Paris, University of London, University of Vienna, Bocconi University, University of Zurich, Apexmachina - Sherbrooke - Canada, Lund University, World Bank - Washington DC, University of Glasgow, Australia and many more.

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Fabrizio Colella, Assistant Professor of Economics, USI Lugano, Switzerland.


“The conditions offered to econ PhD students at Unil are very hard to beat worldwide! Unil PhD students have the privilege of working on a stunning campus beside Lake Leman, receiving a remarkably generous salary, and participating in four seminars weekly. But what truly sets the Unil Economics department apart is its people: they are not only extremely skilled, but also extraordinarily friendly, approachable, and notably humble. This unique blend of professional excellence and a nurturing community makes the Unil Econ PhD program an outstanding choice for those aspiring to a career in academia.”




Seda Basihos, Junior Research Fellow in Economics, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.


“As a fellow, I am also a senior member of King's College Cambridge. The transition to this role was made possible by the Economics Department at HEC, which not only provided a solid foundation for my academic pursuits but also played a pivotal role in facilitating this remarkable opportunity.
During my time at HEC, I had the privilege of learning from exceptional professors whose expertise and encouragement significantly contributed to my academic growth. The department's commitment to fostering a rich and intellectually stimulating environment has left an indelible mark on my intellectual development. The Swiss dedication to professionalism and academic excellence reflected in the ethos of the University of Lausanne has profoundly influenced my professional values. The university's exceptional resources and supportive community have been instrumental in shaping my path forward.”



Annette Harms

Annette Cerulli-Harms, Senior Economic Consultant, London Economics, United Kingdom.


“The doctoral program in Economics at HEC Lausanne has taught me all the tools I needed to start a successful career as a behavioural economist in a leading economics consultancy firm. In my job I conduct rigorous research for policy makers in international institutions, government and for regulators, as well as for private sector firms across Europe. I also support organizations in developing and implementing behaviour change interventions and in measuring their effectiveness using behavioural experiments, or randomised controlled trials. All the necessary expertise I acquired during my doctorate at HEC.”




Simon Hänni, Postdoc, Center for Child Well-being and Development, Department of Economics, University of Zurich, Switzerland.


“The PhD in Economics at the University of Lausanne was a great preparation for starting a career in economic research. Apart from providing the basic economic toolkit, what characterizes the University of Lausanne is the close collaboration between established faculty and PhD students while at the same time granting necessary individual freedom. This allows for an optimal mix between learning from established professors and becoming an independent researcher with an own research agenda.”




Lingqing Jiang, Lecturer, Department of Economics, University of Essex, United Kingdom.


“The PhD program in Economics at UNIL opens the door to an academic career at leading universities worldwide. During the program, I had the opportunity to join frontier research projects, and at the same time, the freedom to explore own research ideas, which is extremely helpful to become a good co-author as well as an independent researcher later on. The Department of Economics also provides very pleasant atmosphere to work and interact with diverse people.”




Stephanos Vlachos, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Vienna, Austria.


“During my thesis at the University of Lausanne, I had the opportunity to work in the stimulating and demanding environment of a research-oriented economics department.

The frequent interaction with the professors of the department was beneficial both for my research and for my understanding of the excellence expected from researchers that intend to become part of the academic society.”



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