Theology and Sciences of Religions

Research in Theology and Sciences of Religions

The Faculty of Theology and Sciences of Religions seeks excellence in research at an international level.

Research is organised in four institutes:

The mission of the Swiss-French Institute of Biblical Sciences (IRSB) is to promote research in Biblical studies, i.e. in the fields of the Bible (Jewish and Christian), Jewish and Christian apocryphal writings, and the history of Israel and ancient Christianity. Since its creation, the IRSB has developed two areas of competence: first, publishing and commenting on Christian apocryphal manuscripts, and secondly, studying the origin of the texts contained in the Jewish and Christian canons from the perspective of social, political and cultural history.

Researchers at the Institute of History and Anthropology of Religions (IHAR) study religions as cultural productions and examine them both from a broad, comparative historical perspective and a theoretical standpoint. They cover a time frame that runs from the modern European period to the present day. The methodologies used are the history of religions (Rome and Chicago schools), cultural history, historical anthropology, the sociology of sciences and social anthropology

The main task of the Institute of Social Sciences of Religions (ISSR) is the analysis of religions in the contemporary world from a social sciences perspective. The main disciplines involved are the sociology of religions, psychology of religion and social sciences of migration. The ISSR includes the Observatory for Religions in Switzerland (ORS).

The Lemanic Institute of Practical Theology (ILTP) provides a research platform for practical theology in the University and churches and promotes theological reflection among various audiences. Its main areas of study include the theology of blessing, the new faces of Protestantism, the role of sensory perception in Christianity and spirituality, and education for/by/in/through faith.

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Research in Theology and Sciences of Religions
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